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The Linney Family by James Erle Linney, the first Linneys to come to the New World settled in North Carolina. Many of my personal relatives still live there, near where William Coplin Linney first settled more than 225 years ago! 

Linney's Mill  is located in the NE corner of Alexander Co. on Rocky Creek. It was built in 1790 by Richard Cook and has stood in the same spot for 219 years.   Richard Cook's widow Lucy married Randolph Mayberry and for many years it was know as the Mayberry Mill. 

Linney’s Mill is a family business, and they’ve been producing corn meal with water-wheel powered grinding stones for about 65 years. William’s father, W.L. Linney, built a dam and installed the waterwheel on Rocky Creek, north of Statesville, in 1937.

William joined the enterprise in 1954, and his son Billy got involved when he was about 13 years old.

At one time, water-powered mills where a farmer could haul in his grain to be stone ground were fairly common along the creek, but Linney’s is the only one left.


The building never was very fancy, and it shows its age. An assortment of pieces of corrugated metal, brick-patterned asphalt siding and composition board cover the exterior walls.


Inside, the wood floors have been worn smooth by years of walking and sweeping. The stones that grind the grain are encased in a metal cabinet, and a hopper above feeds the corn into the grinder.


In the main storeroom, a counter with drawers, an old chair on casters and a wall covered with notes, pictures and newspaper clips functions as both office and sales center.


Simple white shelves along the back wall hold the mill’s products, self-rising and plain stone ground cornmeal, white and yellow grits, fish breading and ready-to-use pancake mix. A few other items, including honey and buckwheat flour from other regional operations, fill the rest of the space.

Pictures provided by Photography by Lonnie Webster

What We Do


Linney's Mill is a working mill that produces several items, from stone ground corn meal to grits.  The Linney's Mill  General Store is a store that provide general goods for the campers or those who are driving out to get to view the scenic Brushy Mountains and stop in to buy some of the homemade items.  You will be greeted by Billy "Smiley" Linney who has grown up on the property and can entertain you with true Southern Hospitality. 

Robert and Carolyn DeZern contribute with property management duties that make this a welcoming and "family" themed place to visit.  From the Mill, General Store, and private campground  with a creek, this is a must see if you are traveling to the Brushy Mountains.

Linney's Mill had many articles written  about them over the years. To read the articles in detail, go to the link section of the website and read the articles in full.



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